Burgundy Week & La Paulée 2018

It’s that coveted time of year when the wines of Burgundy are celebrated around the county for two weeks;  from February 16 – March 2, 2018 indulge in Burgundian wines at the following NYC restaurants.

Ai Fiori, Café Boulud, Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels, Craft, DANIEL, db Bistro Moderne, Marseille, […]

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Aussie’s Wine Technological Approach

February 19, 2018

Author: Kirsten Flint

Although there has been a strong movement and interest in organic and bio-dynamic wines, harmful pesticides are still being used in most wine growing regions.  In a recent study, these pesticides were found in almost half of all wines that were enjoyed by the consumer.   In order to safely protect […]

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How to Become a Wine Detective

February 16, 2018

Author: Shana Clarke

Maureen Downey is a well-known wine forensic specialist that has busted notorious counterfeiters like Hardy Rodenstock and Rudy Kurniawan.   In an interview with Wine Enthusiast, she goes through logical ways in which wine fraud can be detected and you can become your own wine detective.

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The NBA’s Secret Wine Society

February 15, 2018

Author: Baxter Holmes

The NBA is brushing up on their wine tasting skills and taking their love of wine on the road.  Known oenophile, LeBron James, has taken a concerted effort to make the Cleveland Cavaliers experience as many winery trips as possible.  Their last mid-season trip to Mayacamas, one of

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Champagne Buried Alive!

February 13, 2018

Thank the champagne heavens that Howell and Dorset, of England, perfected a much stronger glass bottle in 1623. The durability of 19 hand blown bottles of Pol Roger Champagne were recently discovered after being buried for over a century.  Careful procedures are in place for the wine to be riddled and then tasted.  […]

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Bottle Ageing, Does it Matter?

February 9th, 2018

Not all wines age the same, nor should they.   Some wines, like a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, are meant to be consumed in their youth with no benefits to bottle ageing.  And, some wines, like a Barolo or Bordeaux, are meant to be cellared for decades.   It’s important to take the region, […]

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Healthy for Wealthy Wine Drinkers Only?

February 8, 2018

For years, doctors have explored the benefits of wine consumption but this article explores the links between wine and higher socioeconomic factors that lead to longer and healthier lives.  Over 200,000 Norwegians were examined in a 20 year self-reported study that examined their drinking habits.  The study also focused on education levels, household […]

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Krug and Mushrooms

By Katherine Houston originally posted on December 13, 2017

Black trumpets, hedgehogs, yellowfoots – oh my!  Check out the compilation of From Forest to Fork explores  mushroom-based dishes, all paired with the prestigious Grande Cuvée – Mana Wine

Krug Champagne’s latest book in its single ingredient series explores the relationship between Krug Grande Cuvée and mushrooms. From […]

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These days, takeout isn’t just a pleasure, it’s a necessity for many reasons.   Check-out this simple wine pairing guide to spice up your next Grub hub order! – Mana Wine

Oh January, probably the most boring month of the year. It’s not January’s fault, really, but the truth is the holidays are over, it’s really […]

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Ca’ Momi Winery Appoints Midori Bray Aispuro CEO

Posted by Wine Industry Network originally posted on January 18, 2018

Italian inspired wine and restaurant, Ca’Momi, in Napa Valley promotes Midori Bray Aispuro to CEO.  Her multifaceted talents will surely lead Ca’Momi into new ventures while respecting tradition – Mana Wine

Napa Valley wine, spirits, food and lifestyle company Ca’ Momi has […]

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