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Mana Wine Storage provides wine storage and wine delivery services to all five boroughs of New York, Long Island, and New Jersey. Our clients are private wine collectors, restaurants, wineries, fine wine retailers, wine associations, PR agencies, and other commercial enterprises where offsite wine storage and on-demand wine delivery is critical. We also partner with rare wine concierge services, wine appraisal services, sommeliers, art galleries, and many retailers. Check out our partners page for details.

The diverse team at Mana Wine Storage has over 50 years of combined wine and storage experience. They come as top NYC sommeliers, warehouse managers, logistical experts and lastly, as wine lovers! The dedicated team takes pride in daily responsibilities that guarantee a safe home for hundreds of collections. Our white glove approach is to treat every collection, no matter how big, or how small, as a personal prized possession.

We can also help organize your next event at Mana Contemporary or take a look at local wine events, festivals, wine tastings and classes near you.

Mana Wine Storage began in the late 90s to satisfy the growing need of wine collectors who were faced with limited living spaces. Mana Wine Storage is a subsidiary within a conglomerate of 15 companies owned by Moishe Mana and part of a nationwide portfolio of celebrated companies dedicated to serving moving and storage needs with sophisticated inventory management and outstanding customer service. The portfolio includes widely successful companies like, Moishe’s Moving, Moishe’s Guarantee Asset Management, Mana Fine Arts and Storage, GRM Document Management and Moishe’s Self Storage.

As an innovator and lover of the arts, Moishe Mana, is instrumental on many levels. In 1995, he converted a storage facility into the iconic, Milk Studios; an enterprise serving the fashion, advertising, technology and film industries. In 2008, he assembled and converted 2M square feet of abandoned warehouses in Jersey City, NJ into a vibrant arts community named Mana Contemporary. This was the beginning of the transformation of Jersey City. He unified the art industry, collectors, artists, legacy libraries, art schools, fashion, photography, and music—in one neighborhood. In doing so, Mana Wine Storage is now uniquely positioned to serve a dual function as a high-end wine storage company and as an art-centric cultural attraction for wine enthusiasts, presenting a groundbreaking concept in the wine storage industry.

The 22,000-square-foot wine storage facility is conveniently located in a low-risk flood zone just outside Manhattan near the Holland Tunnel that features state-of-the-art climate control and security systems. Mana Wine Storage provides barcode tracking for quick, easy, and accurate delivery of any portion of clients’ collections, as well as an online inventory system where clients can view their collections and place orders twenty-four hours a day.

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