Wine Storage for Retailers

We safely house thousands of wines for private collectors while carrying the reputation as one of the most respected wine storage facilities in the Tri-State area.

Retailers enjoy multiple benefits from storing wine at our facility. Based on the level of activity, we’d like to discuss what storage option best suits the needs of your business and its customers. If a customer so wishes, we have the ability to pick-up directly from the store and inventory the wine. We also offer a generous finder’s fee.


Our vibration-free facility is virtually monitored 24/7 by an on-site security team and located only minutes outside of the Holland Tunnel. On a daily basis, our cellar manager monitors temperature & humidity levels within 2 degrees and 2% of the desired range. With super storms on the rise, we like to emphasize our low-risk flood zone and access to three back-up generators.

Fully Managed Inventory

Our clients’ enjoy a wide range of services that include high-tech bar code tracking, packing and receiving, daily delivery services, domestic and international shipping, ability to view inventory with online management tools, user-friendly reports and digital imaging of wine labels.

Managed Inventory Rates

Free storage for the first month (1 year commitment)

Delivery – $4.00/per case with a (6 case) minimum *location restrictions do apply*

$50 minimum monthly charge

1 to 99 cases $2.20/per case

100 to 399 cases $2.00/per case

$70 per hour for cellar labor/cellar hand

Locked rates for period of contract

Private Lockers

We offer custom and pre-built lockers with flexible hours of operation. Each locker is conveniently located in the front of our facility with access to a loading dock, ramp and carts. All lockers are located within a temperature & humidity controlled area that is monitored daily.


$300 per month 5×6 (holds up to 130 cases)

$810 per month 9×9 (holds up to 290 cases)

Custom build option

1 year commitment

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