Best Wine Stores in NYC & New Jersey

Our vetted list of wine stores in New York and New Jersey. All of the following wine stores offer shipment of fine wines and crates directly to our wine warehouse where we will store your collection in ideal temperature and humidity and deliver to your home, office, or location upon request.

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Le French Wine Shop:

Since January 2022, Le French Wine Shop, is your New York’s destination store when it comes to French wines. Whether you’re a French wine connoisseur, a fine wine collector, or just an adventurous wine enthusiast, their vast curated French wine selection inspired by their sister business, Vin sur Vingt wine bars, will make you travel through the different wine regions of France. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff is here to guide you every step of the way, whether you are looking for an amazing everyday value under $20 or a “top shelf” wine without paying top prices. You can also shop their wines online at We look forward serving you!

Use promo code MANA10 to receive a 10% discount for all Mana Wine Customers shopping online or in the Le French Wine Shop store.


Verve Wine - Wine Store in Manhattan New York in Tribeca at 24 Hubert Street

Verve Wine:

Verve Wine is a wine store in New York City located in Tribeca at 24 Hubert St New York, NY 10013.

Verve Wine owners, Dustin Wilson and Derrick Mize, curate thematic wine selections from top-notch producers.

This partnership with Mana Wine Storage grants easy access to a Master Sommelier, waive taxes on wines transported from Verve to our facility and open the door to limited selections, along with vintage aged wines, otherwise difficult to locate.  For your convenience, the wine will be seamlessly added to current inventory.

Dustin, a Master Sommelier, is best known for his position as Wine Director of 3 Michelin-starred restaurant, Eleven Madison Park. This expertise led him to a leading role in the critically acclaimed wine documentary, SOMM and later featured in the film’s sequel, SOMM: Into the Bottle.

Derrick, an experienced wine merchant with roles at Vinifera Imports and Italian Wine Merchants, later  co-founded, New York Vintners in 2006. His vast knowledge of European wines and secure relationships are necessary to procure unique, high quality selections.


Coolvines - Wine Store in Jersey City NJ


CoolVines is a wine store in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Our goal is to find wines that are the “best of their breed.” To us, this means that the wines are 1) true examples of their type and 2) a good – no, great – wine for the price. On the first point, we look for wines that demonstrate the characteristics of being “true to type”. While each vineyard, each winemaker and each vintage impart its own characteristics on a bottle of wine, we look for wines that exhibit the trademark expression of that style of wine; whether the style is regional, varietal (based on the grape or blend), or production style (sur lie, crémant, late harvest, etc.). We also search for wines that outperform their peers in quality for the price. Ironically, this rarely happens with a highly rated, or otherwise highly promoted wines. High scores and large ad budgets tend to drive up the price of wine beyond the point of “good value”. The best values are typically found in the bottles with labels our customers won’t recognize, made by wine makers who love making great wine more than they love angling for top scores or shelf position. These are the wines that you will find on the shelves of CoolVines. Every wine has been tasted and selected from a competitive set of wines of the same style and price range by our tasting team; not based on their personal preferences, but on their judgment of which wines will bring the greatest value to our customers.



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