NJ Facility Offers Collectors and Hospitality Industry Superior Service, Technology and Superior Safeguards.

Jersey City, NJ — February 10, 2021.

Mana Wine has enjoyed significant growth over the course of the past several years and 2020 was no exception. Despite the slowdown in the wine and hospitality industry due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Mana Wine was able to expand its client base this past year.

Optimally located to serve the New York City and New Jersey hospitality and collector markets, Mana Wine is located just blocks from the mouth of the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City, NJ. Housed in a fortress-like warehouse facility at an elevation, the physical infrastructure is well-suited to serve the storage needs of large commercial clients as well as individual collectors. Offering a variety of storage options from pallet storage, to open shelving to individual private lockers, Mana Wine offers options that suit every need and these options are complemented by secure, prompt pickup and delivery services

Since the inception of the business, the facility has offered a humidity and temperature-controlled environment ideally-suited to house the valuable collections and inventory of its clients. Additionally, the facility has always boasted state-of-the-art fire suppression systems. Combined with its physical location, situated atop a hill, these technologies collectively serve to not only give clients peace of mind day-to-day but protect against damage caused by extraordinary physical events such as fire and flood, should they ever occur.

In addition to the above safeguards, Mana Wine also upgraded its electrical infrastructure by installing a newer standby diesel generator to be employed in the event of a power outage. Employing the new, state-of-the-art generator allows all lighting, heating/cooling, alarms, security and fire suppression systems to operate at full operational standards without interruption; delivering business continuity and ideal storage conditions.

Marla Priest, Director of Mana Wine stated “We recognize that our clients rely on us to keep their collections out of harm’s way and we take that responsibility very seriously. Given all of the additions made to our facility, I genuinely believe that we’ve achieved near-perfection in terms of infrastructure.” Priest added “And this, coupled with superior service and superior technology, make Mana Wine the single best place to store wine and spirits in the tri-state area.”


About Mana Wine Storage
Mana Wine is a premium wine storage operation based in the New York metro with state-of-the-art climate and humidity-controlled systems. All in-and-outbound wines are tracked by a sophisticated barcoding system that guarantees inventory accuracy. Customized wine cages and private lockers are available for clients who need additional flexibility and freedom over their collections. The team is made up of NYC sommeliers, warehouse managers and logistical experts who are committed to providing a safe home for hundreds of collections. For more information, please visit https://www.manawine.com.

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