//These startups want to change your wine-drinking habits!

These startups want to change your wine-drinking habits!

By Scott Kirsner 

Kuvee sounds like a perfect product to pitch during an episode of Shark Tank!  Even though tech continues to boom, it seems as though the wine industry isn’t looking for fancy products to encourage sales.  They’re leaving it to the perfection in the bottle.  It’s a real case of Traditional vs. Modern – Mana Wine.

Millions of dollars have poured into two Massachusetts startups that want to change the way you drink wine. Both of them, Coravin and Kuvée, were included last month on a list of “9 wine tech startups creating all the buzz,” compiled by CB Insights, a database of startup info. And both were out at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

Coravin was unveiling its newest product, a wine preservation system dubbed the Model Eleven. Kuvée had designed a somewhat similar product — an Internet-linked wine bottle that could keep its contents fresh for as long as a month after the first glass is poured. But in Vegas, Kuvée was hunting for a financial lifeline after laying off most of its employees and shutting down its Boston office last year, unable to raise more money from the venture capitalists who had put $10 million into the company’s bank account.

Disrupting the way we drink wine, it turns out, is much harder than picking the perfect white to pair with a cedar-plank grilled salmon.

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