March 2, 2018

Author: Matthew Lardie

Master of Wine, Jo Ahearne, is creating a buzz around her use of indigenous grapes to produce natural wines with low intervention off the coast of Croatia.  In an interview with Wine Enthusiast, she comments that this Adriatic gem, Hvar, is one of the most beautiful places on earth with complex soil compositions and ideal altitudes where local varieties flourish.

Ahearne first started making wine on Hvar in 2014 and moved to the island full-time two years ago.   In total, she has four wines in production: a rose called Rosina; two whites, a Pošip and a maceration wine she calls Wild Skin; and a barrique-aged Plavac Mali labeled, South Side.

Her Wild Skins wine is made from local varieties specific to Hvar which include tongue twisters: Kuc, Bogdanuša and Pošip.

Click here learn more about Jo Ahearne and her winery Ahearne