California, Oregon and Washington State have dominated the US wine market but is it possible that states like Arizona and Texas will take the spotlight?  After reading this New York Times article by Elaine Glusac, doubts were diminished.

Arizona isn’t just cacti and tumbleweeds.  Its’ Mediterranean climate mirrors certain parts of Spain and Italy but instead of achieving temperature swings from the ocean, Arizona uses their high-elevation.  It’s common to grow grapes at a 3,000 elevation!

There are currently 18 wineries in the popular Verde Valley and over 100 in the entire state.  In the Valley it’s common to taste through a flight of wines made from Albariño, Sangiovese and Malvasia.

Among the most scenic, the boutique D.A. Ranch in Cornville produces only estate-grown wines on seven of its 250 acres and offers tastings of its plush syrahs at a log lodge by appointment.

Between the beautiful red rocks, upscale dining and now an emerging wine scene, could Arizona be the next hot spot for wine enthusiasts?

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