Private Wine Cages in our Wine Cellar

Oenophiles who prefer to completely separate their high-end wine collections from traditional managed inventory​,​ can secure their ​wine​ within a customized private wine cage on the main floor in our wine cellar. ​This option allows the client to fully utilize the conveniences of our managed inventory services​ while ​ensuring additional privacy for their collections similar to a private locker client.​ ​We​ will​ ​customize a private wine cage to accommodate​ your entire collection while our wine concierge team will ensure proper handling and delivery of your collection upon request.

As a private wine cage client, you’ll continue to enjoy our seamless transportation, consolidation, inventory and invoice services. Our wine storage facility is meticulously maintained and monitored 24/7 with multiple humidity and temperature controlled procedures​. Our white-glove service allows our collectors to indulge in the fun stuff – buying more wine!